25th EFORT Congress in Hamburg, Germany - 2024

The Efort congress in Hamburg was a success for the AutoRSA team, who delivered 6 unique presentations and 2 great posters.
Futhermore, Karina Nørgaard Linde won GOLD prize for the “Free Paper Award - Orthopaedics” with the abstract: "Denosumab Decreases The Subsidence Of Cementless Tibial Implants By Suppression Of Bone Resorption. A Randomized, Double-Blinded RSA Study In 54 Patients With 5 Years Follow-Up".

Emil Toft Petersen won a Poster Award for his poster "Investigation Of A Medial Congruent Polyethylene Insert On The Fixation Of Anatomical Total Knee Arthroplasty Components. A Randomized Double-Blinded Controlled Radiostereometry Trial With 24 Months Of Follow-Up".

We had great professional and social benefit from the trip.

Research Communication

Just before the Christmas holidays 2023 the AutoRSA team and the Aarhus Denmark Microdialysis Research (ADMIRE) team joined forces. The object was first of all to wish each other a merry Christmas, but also to get some inspiration on how to present our research to journalists and others, who are not familiar with the technical terms of our fields of study.

We booked a session with communication partner, Jakob Binderup Christensen, who gave a lecture in speed-presentation. Afterwards all had 20 minutes to prepare a 2 minute video about a research topic, without using technical terms.

Everyone was up for the challenge, and made some great videos!

8th International RSA Meeting, Nijmegen 2023

In 2023 the AutoRSA Group travelled to Nijmegen and our group of master students, phd students and delivered 11 fantastic presentations. Emil Toft Petersen gave the spot-on spot-light presentation on the value of Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM) for assessment of kinematic data. Karina Nørgaard Linde won on the Best Presentation Award - she gave an outstanding presentation on implant fixation improvement using local Zolendronate during knee arthroplasty insertion.

In addition, Maiken Stilling was elected President on the board of the International RSA Society for the next two years

Pictures from the 8th International RSA Meeting, Nijmegen 2023

Presentations of Research Year Projects

Followed by af social arrangement at Malt Restaurant, Aarhus

March 18, 2022

Professor Lecture at The Danish Orthopaedic Society 2021

The Future is Dynamic

Professor Maiken Stilling

7th International RSA Meeting, Oslo 2021

In 2019 the biennial RSA meeting was held virtually from a venue in Oslo due to Covid-19. The AutoRSA group presented several RSA studies and Emil Toft Petersen from the AutoRSA Group won the “Best Paper Award” for the presentation of the study: Patients with knee osteoarthritis can be divided into subgroups based on tibiofemoral joint kinematics of gait - an exploratory and dynamic radiostereometric study. Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2022 Feb;30(2):249-259.

6th International RSA Meeting, Aarhus 2019

In 2019 we proudly hosted the 6th International RSA Meeting in Aarhus at the beautiful venue of Søauditorierne at Aarhus University.

More than 100 international colleagues working with radiostereometry (RSA) joined the meeting including three magnificent international key note speakers and renowned RSA experts. The International RSA Society presented visions for the future and work-groups were created to work on joint RSA publications to further substantiate the value of RSA. Janni Thillemann from the AutoRSA Group won the competition for designing the logo for the International RSA Society. All participants visited the NRT X-RAY A/S factory.

Pictures from the 6th International RSA Meeting, Aarhus 2019

5th International RSA Meeting, Adelaide 2017

In 2017 the AutoRSA Group travelled to Adelaide and presented a key note lecture alongside several studies on the joint kinematic data from dynamic RSA recordings analysed with the “AutoRSA software”. International network groups were formed and the International RSA Society was established.

AutoRSA Symposium, Aarhus 2017

In May 2017 we marked the ending and presented the results of the 4 year High Technology Project “AutoRSA” that was conducted in collaboration with the NRT X-RAY A/S. 90 International colleagues joined the AutoRSA Symposium at Aarhus University Hospital in Tage-Hansens Gade.

4th International RSA Meeting, Bologna 2015

3th International RSA Meeting, Lund 2013