The AutoRSA Group is an interdisciplinary research group established in 2013 by Professor Maiken Stilling and Professor Kjeld Søballe with impetus in a big scale high technology project based at Aarhus University Hospital, which aimed to transform radiostereometry (RSA) from a research tool to a clinical diagnostic method. RSA is a synchronized dual x-ray method providing highly accurate and precise pose estimates and motion quantification of bone or arthroplasty models.

The most important capability of the AutoRSA Group is automated analysis of dynamic RSA recordings to describe native and arthroplasty joint biomechanics during loading and motion in terms of kinematics, stability and dysfunction. Furthermore, the AutoRSA Group has established the largest RSA database in the world with RSA recordings of hip and knee arthroplasty up to 10 years followup, which form the basis of several clinically important prediction studies regarding patient, work and surgical factors with influence on implant survival.

The research group is interdisciplinary and combines the expertise of engineers, sports technologists, radiologists, radiographers and orthopaedic surgeons in all extremity subspecialties.

The activity in the group is high and has specific focus is on software development, experimental validation research, prediction modelling, and clinical application of dynamic RSA for diagnostics of joint and arthroplasty function